2 day online retreat


2 day online retreat


Is your heart and soul hungry for deeper love, connection and aliveness?

This 2-day online retreat is my invitation to heal your feminine essence, explore sacred sexuality and remember your divine power as a woman.

Connect with yourself and your body in a whole new way.

Learn tantric practices for women.

Balance your feminine energy & awaken your creativity.

Create a ritual space in your own home.

Goddess wisdom & womb power.

During this transformative weekend, I will share with you the vital and forgotten essentials of sacred femininity and sexuality. A holistic approach to healing and deepening the relationship with yourself.

It includes somatic coaching, embodiment and trauma awareness.

This retreat will be DEEPLY NOURISHING and will give you a better understanding as well as a direct experience of your own feminine love energy. You will also learn more about tantric orgasms for women and how to create more sensitivity and awareness.

Plus, there’ll be opportunities for integration, sharing and Q&A.

Tantric Femininity is for all women who are single or in a relationship because true intimacy starts with YOU!

This work is especially essential for women who are high achievers, successful leaders and driven. Many of us are conditioned to work hard and keep pushing in order to be successful – in love, life and business.

Connect with yourself and your body



Session 1 Opening Ceremony, Tantric Theory & Polarity, Heart Awakening Practice

Session 2 Goddess Kali, Sexual & Emotional Alchemy & Exploration, Integration


Session 1 Holistic Sexual Healing, Body Meditation, Integrating Trauma, Sharing and Q&A

Session 2 Closing Ceremony, Orgasmic Breathwork, Resting in Eternal Wholeness

Investment: 333 Euro

  • Prepared for you like an online course (8 hours)
  • Including What’s App sharing group
  • Life-time access to the recordings

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