My name is Christiane Ameya.

I am a Feminine & Sexual Embodiment Coach and Tantric Yoga Teacher.

I am here to bring more Love, Freedom and Intimacy into your Life and your Relationships.

With my soft feminine presence that I embody now, you won´t believe that I lived most of my life disconnected from my true authentic nature, self-love and my sensuality. I was not able to trust, receive and I was afraid of intimacy. I have had to work to orgasm. Deep inside I felt that this can´t be everything.


As teenager I faced my first challenges in life. A death in my family, difficulties in school and a feeling of not belonging brought me into anorexia. I was trying to fill my lack of self esteem with shopping, partying, abuse of alcohol & drugs and changing relationships with emotionally unavailable partners. I was frustrated working for the Federal Employment Agency in Germany and questioning meaning of life.

After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, I began my journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

The depth of my soul called me to India where I met Amma, an enlightened master and teacher. She reminded me of the love that connects everything, the sacredness of my own being and that I am here to embody and serve the divine feminine in the world.

I lived in ashrams, studying and practicing yoga, meditation, tantra and bodywork. Years of traveling, therapy, self-studies, retreats and healing brought me back into vitality, light and taught me, that everything I was always looking for is already within me.

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With my deep desire to balance the relationship between the feminine and masculine I offer a space for women to awaken Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexual Consciousness.

I am here to help you to unlock your feminine potential as a portal to self-love, authenticity and a more blissful ecstatic life. I support you to reconnect to your inherent wisdom, power and mystery of the divine feminine within. I encourage you to feel your emotions, see your vulnerabilities as your strengths and unwind from conditioning and past experiences.

My gift is to look far beyond the mask–into your soul–and to see in depth the things that are moving you.

I shine the light of love on your shadows so you can embrace your sexuality as a sacred act, which allows you to embody greater intimacy with yourself, others and the divine.

I share my work passionately in Private Sessions, in person or online, in workshops and at my retreats. It is my honor and pleasure to guide you along this way.

I work with courageous women like you who know in their core that they deserve more.