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Awakened Woman

8 weeks to deeper love and pleasure with Yoni Eggs

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Welcome to a unique, powerful and healing journey to awaken your feminine essence and reclaim your birthright to love and pleasure.

Do you want to fill yourself with true love… while learning everything about the Yoni Egg and other sacred sexuality practices for modern-day women that expand your life on all levels?

About 75 percent of all women don’t reach orgasm from intercourse alone.

This is your invitation to create a greater sense of intimacy with yourself – and your partner.

What my Women say

Awakened Woman is for you if…

  • You are longing for deep inner love and fulfilling sexuality in your life
  • You can’t orgasm or feel pleasure through penetration, or have a lack of passion
  • You have experienced trauma through sexual abuse, numbness and pain in you vagina, or feel shame around body
  • You experience menstrual cramps, PMS, infertility, postpartum or menopause problems and other complaints specific to female sexual organs
  • You know the feeling of fear, anxiety, and unworthiness
  • You feel disconnected from your sensual femininity, heart, womb, and pelvic floor
  • You aren’t able to access your intuition, creative and receiving energy.

“I had my first vaginal orgasm using the Yoni Egg and other practices that I am offering in this program.”

– Christiane Ameya

Hear what other Women say about the program

“I am very happy I took this course. I had never had any experience with a yoni egg before or even with any self love or breast massage. Doing the practices woke me up to what is most pleasurable for me and is starting to make me feel appreciation and love for myself.

Being menopausal, I would leak urine every time I sneezed or coughed I would have to cross my legs to stop it. That has improved about 95% with the yoni egg exercises.

I am more aware of what I want and what I enjoy sexually, and I have, (for the first time in my life), “made love” to a man. I am really looking forward to more of me being woken up.”

Toni, 59, USA

“Awakened Woman changed so much for me – my work, my relationships, my love and acceptance towards myself. That even when I’m in a lot of anger or grief I have the feeling that I can hold myself which helps me to communicate my needs to others a lot better. It opened up new doors for me and a new way to see life which I maybe had a glimpse of rationally before, but now I can feel it with my whole body and I have the feeling this is just the beginning. We should teach this knowledge to every human being, because it leads to freedom, love, tolerance and pleasure. I’m on the way of becoming a psychotherapist and I feel that this knowledge will do so much for the work I’ll do for people struggling with mental illness as well. So thank you so much Christiane for opening and holding that space for me. Your gentle and loving voice really guided me to accept and love everything coming up, you really gave me the feeling to be worth it.”

Veronika, 27, Germany

“I have never felt this way in my feminine power. I treat my body more lovingly, I dance differently and I have more beautiful and intense sex.

Christiane has such a loving and inspirational nature and creates for women a safe, liberating and wild space where every woman can simply be and learn at her own pace.

THANK YOU – Your work is so healing and necessary for this world.”

Madeleine, Germany

“I’m not numb anymore!

I had a sexual abuse past and had never really found intercourse enjoyable and sometime even found it painful. I had dealt with the emotional and psychological side of things but these issues were stored in my physical body too, and they needed to be released.

Christiane is very knowledgeable and effective at what she does. I am no longer numb but I am starting to feel pleasure and I have learned so much about my body.

I am very impressed with the changes and highly recommend this program.”

CJ, 30, Canada

I would love for you to experience what changed my life and the life of hundreds of women I worked with completely.

What will you receive?

  • Explore and awaken your authentic sexuality in a safe environment together with other like-minded women
  • Train your vagina for more intense orgasms, orgasms through penetration and experience incredible full body orgasms
  • Release and integrate trauma from sexual abuse, negative body conditioning, and reclaim your sensuality, your body, and your deepest desires
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a strong but relaxed vagina and more pleasure
  • Get a new perspective and receive powerful tools and feminine practices to profoundly change you sex and love life
  • Get to know your own needs, desires and boundaries, and communicate them
  • Tap into intuition and creative energy and bring your life and business into more flow
  • Deeply connect with yourself and your femininity, increase your aliveness, self confidence and become the Queen of your sex life

You deserve true love and fulfilling sexuality.

What is a Yoni Egg?

The word Yoni in Sanskrit means “sacred space” and refers to a woman’s genitals; vulva, vagina and womb.

A Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped crystal originally made out of Jade. It’s used to insert inside the vagina in a very loving and gentle way.

While practicing with the Yoni Egg you will awaken the healing medicine of your sexual energy through awareness, breath, muscle squeezing, body movements and other special practices.

For me the Yoni Egg not only expanded my orgasmic potential, it also was a direct path of embodied femininity and sensual self-love.

“Yoni Love is a priority,
and not just a luxury.”

– Christiane Ameya

Hi, I’m Christiane

Women call me “The Queen of Femininity” or “The Voice of Feminine Worth”, but I am also a love, sex and relationship coach, best-selling author, modern mystic and, above all, a woman.

I help female entrepreneurs reclaim their feminine essence and to experience deeper self-love, more intimacy and fulfilled relationships.

Since 2015 I have worked with more than 1,000 women privately, held international trainings, created Jade Egg online programs and offered tantric sessions at events such as the Tantra Festival Ibiza.

I show you effective techniques that will connect you more deeply with yourself and help you to integrate numbness, fear, shame and guilt. This will help you to experience true love, fulfilled sexuality and more intense orgasms. Together we will finally create the life that you deeply desire – because you deserve it so much.

Christiane Ameya Love, Sex and Relationship Coach

What’s included?

6 recordings prepared as an online course:

Opening Ceremony, Embody Your Emotions, Interactive Session (Q&A), Live Ritual, Closing Ceremony, Yoni Steam

    Program schedule

    Module 1

    Goddess of Love

    • Lecture: Heart, Breast, Emotions
    • Yoni Egg Basics
    • Breast Meditation
    • Delicious breast massage
    • Self Love Practice

    Module 2

    Goddess of Innocence

    • Lecture: Yoni, Anatomy & Orgasm
    • Womb Meditation
    • Yoni Egg Insertion
    • Yoni Gazing
    • Yoni Egg Practise 1+2

    Module 3

    Goddess of Sex

    • Self Yoni Massage
    • Yoni Steam
    • Self-Pleasure Ritual
    • Yoni Egg Practice 3

    Module 4

    Goddess of Transformation

    • Lecture: Womb, Feminine Cycle, Menstruation
    • Womb Clearing Practice
    • Orgasmic Manifestation Practice
    • Yoni Egg Practice 4
    • 6 life-changing group coaching calls (recorded). You will get to know your Yoniverse, learn delicious breast massage techniques and everything about the Yoni Egg. I will teach you about sacred femininity and sexuality and how you can bring that back into your life.
    • Yummy self-love exercises and delicious homework.
    • You receive 10+ audio guided meditation practices; they can be done at your own pace at your own time.
    • Women’s Sharing Circle: You will be invited into our private Awakened Woman Facebook Group to deepen and share about your inner journey and stay connected with other women who are exploring this work. This is a place for discussion, inspiration, support and a source for sharing resources. There is something so powerful when we gather as a collective of women in this way. Sharing our stories and our vulnerabilities


    6+ hours live with Christiane (Value: 1.250 Euro)

    A Special Opening Ceremony (Value: 250 Euro)

    10+ audio exercises with my voice made especially for you (Value: 500 Euro)

    A Womb Clearing Ritual and Orgasmic Manifestation Practice (Value: 200 Euro)

    My Yoni Bliss Activation e-course (Value: 100 Euro)

    3 workbooks (Value: 200 Euro)

    Membership in an online community of like-minded women (Value: Priceless)

    Lifetime access to all course material

    TOTAL VALUE OVER 2.500 Euro

    Your investment

    Payment plan

    • 9 months payment plan
    • Awakened Woman


    • One-time payment
    • Awakened Woman


    • One time payment
    • Awakened Woman, PLUS…
    • 3 x private coaching with Christiane Ameya

    Questions? Please email

    Allow your inner feminine wisdom and orgasmic radiance to rise to the surface!

    Awakened Woman offers you a community of like-minded women where you will be seen, heard and witnessed along your journey. For many, the connections that they make with other women here are one of the most powerful parts of my programs!

    Let its power deeply nourish and intuitively guide you.

    Now is the time to become aware of your own magnificence and take excellent care of yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does enrolment close for AWAKENED WOMAN?2022-04-13T15:47:37-05:00

    Enrolment closes at midnight on 1 May 2022.

    Who is this program for?2021-09-05T17:34:40-05:00

    Any woman who desires to make incredible and lasting changes in her life. I believe this powerful work should be taught at school!

    I’m looking at a few courses right now — what makes yours different?2021-09-05T17:34:33-05:00

    I’ve been privately teaching women for more than 6 years full time, 1-1, in group coaching programs and trainings all over the world! I’ve immersed myself in this topic and this course teaches you step by step how to use all the practices to help you massively shift. It is deeper work than you will have ever seen in a course. That’s what makes it so transformational.

    I know a bit about the Yoni Egg already. Is AWAKENED WOMAN just for beginners?2021-09-05T17:34:25-05:00

    Absolutely not. It’s aimed at all levels, if you’ve done a lot of personal development before it will take you deeper at every stage. If you are new to everything that’s fantastic, welcome you are in for a real fast and fun exploration..

    I’m uncomfortable with anything “woo woo”. Is there science to back this up?2021-09-05T17:34:17-05:00

    Yes it’s a hybrid of woo woo and science. Personally I’m not focusing on the science as much as I like to go by results. If it works it works and it certainly works!

    How much time will it take to get through the course?2021-09-05T17:34:07-05:00

    About 2 hours a week to get the most out of the course. The more you put in the more you will get out. You have lifetime access though so if something does come up you can finish it whenever. Some ladies like to take a long time to consume it all. Some prefer the fast track. Which are you?

    I’m so busy. Can I use the money to hire you privately instead?2021-09-05T17:33:59-05:00

    Yes absolutely, I offer Love, Sex & Relationship Deep Dive 1-1 coaching for women. This is the highest level of support I offer. I only work with a very limited number of women at any one time so it depends on availability. To apply please fill in this form.

    Will I have lifetime access to the AWAKENED WOMAN?2021-09-05T17:33:49-05:00

    Yes, absolutely!

    How is this different from free information I can find online about the Yoni Egg?2021-09-05T17:33:41-05:00

    This is a specially curated program, coaching and support system. Step by step specialised guidance and information with actual practical steps to help you flourish. The information available online is extremely basic around the Yoni Egg. I like to share the practice through my own stories and experience too, which the past 7 groups have loved!

    What makes you qualified to teach the Yoni Egg practice?2021-09-05T17:33:32-05:00

    I draw on a wide range of modalities and life experiences to bring you this course. I am a certified yoga teacher. I studied in depth with Layla Martin and Sofia Sundari who are the worldwide authorities in the Yoni Egg Practice . I have more than 6 years of experience and have coached over 1,000 women in that time specifically on this topic.

    Do you offer refunds?2021-09-05T17:33:26-05:00

    No. Awakened Woman is not for those looking for easy answers and quick fixes. This is a deep, inner transformation that lasts, rather than superficial tips and tricks. To receive the full benefits of the program you need to go through it. You are asked to self-reflect and take responsibility.

    What do I do if I need support?2021-09-05T17:33:17-05:00

    You have access to our private Facebook group support system. These groups are fantastic and offer full time care. You can also ask me personally in one of our bi-weekly coaching calls.

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