Womb Awakening

A 2 Day Immersion into Wild Womb Wisdom

The awakening of the womb in women is one of the most powerful energies of creation that has been forgotten in our modern society.

The effects include: burnout, depression, menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, abdominal disorders, eating disorders, addiction and difficulties in relationships and sexuality.

Ancient traditions knew that there is no greater healing tool for women than to access the essence of her own feminine body temple and its connection to source.

The awakening of the womb is also essential for women’s sexual and sensual vitality.

Before a woman’s body can embody orgasmic states of consciousness, what is her natural state, blocks of the womb, yoni and her entire body need to be released. Then she can begin to embody and integrate feeling fully alive, empowered and sensually open.

Womb Awakening Workshop for women


  • Embodied Movement, Meditation & Dance
  • Exploring Feminine archetypes: Wild Woman & Priestess
  • Yoni Egg Pleasure
  • Sacred Touch & Breathwork
  • Understanding the creative power of your womb and how to use it in love, sex & business
  • Womb dialoguing and somatic experiencing
  • Yoni AWAKENING Ritual
  • Women’s Sharing Circle


When & where?

  • 20-21 August, 2022 – Munich

Saturday 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday 10 am- 5 pm

PRICE 388 Euro

As I am financially responsible for the workshop, I ask you to respect that payments are non-refundable and I cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

Every woman from the beginning of menarche, pregnant, post menopause is welcome! This Workshop is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with the practices.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes where you feel feminine and at the same time comfortable. The easiest way is to wear a long wide skirt during the exercises.

Womb Awakening Workshop for women

Are you ready?

I know it requires courage to take responsibility for yourself as a woman, your femininity and sexuality. Often we have to overcome smaller and larger layers of shame, guilt and low self-esteem.

I promise you from my own experience that this workshop will change your life. The workshop is an expression of my deepest heartfelt desire and I would like to share my experiences in a safe and intimate space with you.

Your facilitator:

Christiane Ameya is a love, sex & relationship coach.

Since 2015 she has worked with more than 1,000 women privately, held international trainings, created Jade Egg online programs and offered tantric sessions at events such as the Tantra Festival Ibiza.

With her soft feminine presence that she embodies now, you won´t believe that Christiane lived most of her life disconnected from her true essence, her body and sensuality. After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, she began her journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

Christiane dedicated her life to supporting individuals and couples to remember their deep feminine feeling nature that leads them back home to a loving connection with themselves, their bodies and their relationships.

She walks her talk gracefully as a path of love.

German-born, she currently lives in Ibiza.

Feminine Awakening Retreat Ibiza Christiane Ameya

During the workshop a small selection of Yoni Crystals for women’s healing and pleasure will be offered for sale.

Find out more about these magical treasures here.

Purchase Yoni Egg

What do my Women say

Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
“I am a leadership trainer and I was often unsure what role my femininity plays in my trainings. I was also not as aware of how I lead women as a female leader. The work with Christiane really encouraged me to see my feminine leadership as great power and very positive. It has strengthened my self-confidence to consciously use this quality in my leadership trainings and to see it as an absolute enrichment. This self-confidence radiates into my whole being, my private life and especially in my relationships with men. I am confident and authentic in a very relaxed way. I no longer hide with my thoughts, feelings and wisdom, but take responsibility by communicating myself openly. "
Inis-Janine Klinger
Leadership Trainer / Berlin
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
"I’ve had A LOT of healing and coaching sessions of all different kinds in my life and I am a coach myself however Christiane’s work (even in a single session) had a profound effect on me and continues to do so. . I used to feel pain and disconnected from my yoni. Now I feel like we are working together and can literally feel about 100 x more pleasure. It’s a miracle. I’m forever grateful. If you are considering her services I would say take the leap it’s one of the biggest acts of self-love I’ve ever given myself."
Gina Swire
Self-love Coach & Expert / England
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
“Working with Christiane has shown me a way to myself, and this with so much heart, wisdom and professionalism that I can hardly wait until the next training with her begins.eginnt. As a Libra I now have a counterweight to be able to work in the fast and demanding world without losing myself. Especially close to me is my new connection to my "Soulsisters", which still gives me a lot of security and stability and supports me. The Women circle let me see my inner light more clearly and now I have the power to carry it out into the world. I wish everyone to experience this healing experience.”
Alena Kononenko
Model & Mutter / Spain
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
"I have never felt in my feminine power like this. I treat my body more lovingly, I dance differently and I have nicer and more intense sex. Christiane is so loving and inspiring and creates a safe, liberating and wild space for women in which every woman can simply be and learn at her own pace. THANK YOU - Your work is so healing and necessary for this world. “
doTERRA consultant / Germany
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
“The work with Christiane was incredibly powerful for me. I work as a holistic beauty therapist and my regular, highly sensitive clients reflect that they experience a significant change in my own energy and in my sessions. The space Christiane created and the amazing nature around were beyond words. I am forever grateful.”
Angelyn Teo
Holistic Skin Therapist / Singapore
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
“Christiane Ameya's retreats are an absolutely life changing experience, but not explosive like plastic makeover, but slow and steady from within.”
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
“Every single woman in the world should do such a retreat ! I have never felt so deeply connected with myself, my femininity and other women. It was a step out of my comfort zone. No comparison, no competition, just pure love & support among women. This retreat has helped me find out who I am, why I am here and gave me the courage to show myself as the woman I really am. "
Stefanie Summer
SelfCare Priestess, yoga teacher + Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach / Munich
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
"I came to the retreat without knowing Christiane personally and it was the perfect place to be. She is very adept at holding the space that allowed me to move into my deepest fears and let them go. Christiane is an authentic woman with the highest integrity and deep wisdom. "
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
" The retreat was a safe place and gave me a detox from negative energies, the chaos of city life and enabled me to find clarity about challenges in my life had time to reflect on how I would like to advance on my own feminine journey and was able to dissolve blockages that hold me back from living my truth and deep intimacy. "
Feminine Awakening Retreat participant
“Before the retreat, I felt internally disconnected from my divine feminine energy. Through Christiane's immense knowledge, her gentle guidance and the safe space she provided, I was able to release blockages and begin towards a more feminine and gentle one To live wisely, as the masculine energy of doing. She provided me with information and tools to heal injuries and to walk my path authentically, gracefully and confidently. It has totally changed my life. "
Energy Healer, TheDivineRebel 555.love / USA

Christiane offers private sessions for women and couples.

In my work I hold a unique space that guides you home to yourself. You will experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to surrender, receive and be held.

Release trauma, numbness, pain and suppressed emotions. Awaken your life energy, expand into pleasure and experience deep transformation and healing on all levels.

  • 1 : 1 Love, Sex & Relationship Coaching 1,5 hours = 250 Euro
  • 1 : 1 Tantric Bodywork 2 hours = 350 Euro

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