Womb AWAKENING & Sensual Vitality

Nov 2-3, 2019 ~ Isny (Allgäu)

Nov 23-24, 2019 ~ Schweinfurt

Nov 30-Dec 1, 2019 ~ Hannover

~ A 2 day immersion into the depth of clearing, healing and awakening your womb.


The awakening of the womb in women is one of the most powerful energies of creation that has been forgotten in our in modern society.

The effects include: burnout, depression, menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, abdominal disorders, eating disorders, addiction and difficulties in relationships and sexuality.

Ancient traditions knew that there is no greater healing tool for women than to access the essence of her own feminine body temple and its connection to source.

The awakening of the womb is also essential for women’s sexual and sensual vitality.

Before a woman’s body can embody orgasmic states of consciousness, what is her natural state, blocks of the womb, yoni and her entire body need to be released. Then she can begin to embody and integrate feeling fully alive, empowered and sensually open.



  • Womb Yoga, Meditation & Breathing

  • Womb AWAKENING Ritual

  • Gentle nourishing Womb Healing Massage

  • Woman’s Cycle Awareness

  • Feminine Embodiment & Sensual Vitality Practices

  • Yoni Egg Practice including Self-care Breast Massage

  • Dance, Devotional Singing & Voice Activation

  • Women's Sharing Circle

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When & where?

Isny (Allgäu) Nov 2-3, 10 am - 6 pm. Please sign in via Körperschule Isny.

Schweinfurt Nov 23-24, 10 am - 6 pm. Prana Yoga, Hadergasse 40, 97421 Schweinfurt

Hannover Nov 30-Dec 1, 10 am - 6 pm. HeilOrt am Fluss, Fischerstraße 13, 30167 Hannover

Price? 300 Euro

250 Euro EARLY BIRD before Sept 30, 2019

Spaces are Limited! We are filling up fast, please register ASAP!

Please fill out the application form above to receive an email with all the information on how to pay.

As I am financially responsible for the workshop, I ask you to respect that payments are non-refundable and I cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

Who is invited?
Every woman from beginning of menarche, pregnant, post menopause is welcome! This Workshop is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with the practices.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes where you feel feminine and at the same time comfortable. The easiest way is to wear a long wide skirt during the exercises.

What do I have to bring?
Bring yoga mat, 2 sarongs, Yoni Egg, water bottle, journal, pen and a sacred object for the altar.


Are you ready?

I know it requires courage to take responsibility for yourself as a woman, your femininity and sexuality. Often we have to overcome smaller and larger layers of shame, guilt and low self-esteem.

I promise you from my own experience that this workshop will change your life. The workshop is an expression of my deepest heartfelt desire and I would like to share my experiences in a safe and intimate space with you.


About the Facilitator:

Christiane Ameya is a Tantra teacher, womb priestess and healer. In her private sessions, workshops and retreats she offers a space for women to awaken divine feminine and sacred sexual consciousness. With her soft feminine presence she helps women to reveal their true nature as a portal to self-love, authenticity and a more blissful ecstatic life. Her deepest calling is to balance the relationship between the feminine and masculine in the world.


During the workshop a small selection of Yoni Crystals for women's healing and pleasure will be offered for sale. Find out more about this magical treasures here.




“I never felt so deeply connected to my womb and femininity like after this workshop. Thank you so much!”

Sarah, 24, Germany


“My Womb Awakening Workshop with Christiane was about one week ago and I can still feel it. I have never felt this way in my feminine power. I treat my body more lovingly, I dance differently and I have more beautiful and intense sex. Christiane has such a loving and inspirational nature and creates for women a safe, liberating and wild space where every woman can simply be and learn at her own pace. THANK YOU - Your work is so healing and necessary for this world.”

Madeleine, Germany


“Ich danke Dir für Deine einfühlsame, achtsame und offene Art wie Du den Workshop geführt hast. Durch den Raum den Du kreiert hast, fiel es mir leichter mich fallen zu lassen und dem hinzugeben was da war.”

Sandra, 41, Germany


“Nun drei Tage nach dem Womb Awakening Wochenende sprühe ich immer noch vor Dankbarkeit :)
Schon beim Betreten des Raumes nahm ich eine kraftvolle Sanftheit war und dies kreierte das Potenzial der innigen Verbundenheit, die wir alle innerhalb dieser 16 Stunden schafften. Christiane hat eine besondere Gabe, eine öffnende und zugleich sichere Atmosphäre zu schenken, in der ich mir selbst, meinem innersten Wesen, meiner Gebärmutter, meiner Yoni, meiner Göttlichkeit und auch den anderen Frauen begegnen durfte. Die verschiedenen Kraftübungen bereiteten uns kontinuierlich auf das Womb Awakening Ritual vor und danach war da nur noch Schwesternschaft unter uns allen.
Ein so kraftvolles Ritual habe ich noch niemals zuvor in mir gespürt. Alles, was meine Augen erblickten, gab seine wilde Schönheit preis. Ich erlebte mich so echt! Ich lachte aus ganzem Herzen, blickte meiner Angst ins Auge und ließ heiße Tränen meine Wangen hinablaufen. Das gleiche sah ich bei unseren Schwestern und alle waren sie wundervoll und authentisch.
Ich erlebte mich in diesem Kreis in einer ganz neuen Situation. Ich bin zum ersten Mal schwanger und all die schwesterliche und mütterliche Liebe um mich herum schenkte mir Zuversicht, tiefe Freude und Dankbarkeit. Auch nach dem Wochenende erlebe ich mich kraftvoll, strahlend und glücklich. Vielleicht konnte ich endlich den ewigen Glaubenssatz des Leidens hinter mir lassen.”

Nadine, Germany


I am delighted to have you participating and to share this ancient feminine wisdom with you!

If you have any questions or if you are not sure whether the workshop is for you please e-mail me: christiane@christianekosoul.com.

With Love,



Christiane will be available for 1 : 1 private sessions Monday and Tuesday after the workshop.

I offer individual private sessions for


In my work I hold a unique space that guides you home to yourself. You will experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to surrender, receive and be held.

Release trauma, numbness, pain and suppressed emotions. Awaken your life energy, expand into pleasure and experience deep transformation and healing on all levels.

  • 1 : 1 Tantric Bodywork 2 hours = 300 Euro, 3 hours = 400 Euro