Relationship 2.0

A 6-week program for couples to create deeper love, connection and intimacy

Relationship 2.0

A 6-week program for couples to create deeper love, connection and intimacy

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Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?

Our intimate relationship offers the greatest opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. When both partners are committed to develop more understanding and compassion for each other, the love that is shared together starts to weave into our families, into our work and into our society as a whole.

My vision is that our future relationships offer a safe ground for us to become the most authentic versions of ourselves.

We can talk about conscious relationships a million times, but in fact it is an everyday lived and breathed experience… And in this moment of time we are collectively called to create them in a whole new way.

After co-creating my own relationship over the past 2 years and moving through the different seasons, I feel so excited to share with you the tools and practices that helped us to love each other even more deeply and reignite our passion.

This 6-week program for couples is specifically designed to guide you step by step through conscious communication, unique connection and sacred sexuality tools to help you to the next level of your relationship.

Relationship 2.0 is for you if…

  • You desire to connect to your beloved on a deeper level than ever before. To share your heart vulnerably and authentically. To talk about your wishes, hopes and fears.
  • You would like to reignite your fire. Experience sex in a nurturing and more profound way. Explore conscious touch and Yoni and Lingam massages together.
  • You are done with drama and ready to take personal responsibility in your relationship. To understand your patterns, attachment styles and heal childhood wounds.
  • You are dreaming about creating more quality time together. To organize weekly date nights, to create a sacred space and rituals to explore together, but you don’t know how to connect intimately beyond the known traditional ways.
  • You would like to be the most loving, caring and honest partner, best friend and lover for one another. To learn conscious communication, unique connection and sacred sexuality tools.

“Somewhere between right and wrong there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

– Rumi

Hear what others say about working with Christiane

” I am more aware of what I want and what I enjoy sexually, and I have, (for the first time in my life), “made love” to my partner. Doing the practices woke me up to what is most pleasurable for me and is starting to make me feel more appreciation and love.”

Toni, 59, USA

This work changed so much for me and my relationship. That even when I’m in a lot of anger or grief I have the feeling that I can hold myself which helps me to communicate my needs to my partner a lot better. We should teach this knowledge to every human being, because it leads to freedom, love, tolerance and pleasure.”

Veronika, 27, Germany

“Christiane allowed me to break through layers, face my shame, revisit the wild woman within me and helped me build a deeper connection with myself and thereby with my partner.”

Romy, Germany

“I have more beautiful and intense sex with my husband. Christiane has such a loving and inspirational nature and creates a safe, liberating and wild space where everyone can simply be and learn at their own pace. THANK YOU – Your work is so healing and necessary for this world.”

Madeleine, Germany

“Before I met Christiane the chemistry in between me and my long-term partner was gone, and I used to blame him for it. After working with together I realised that I was the one who wasn’t truly open and honest towards him. Our attraction and sexual fire is back and I’m endlessly grateful!”

Tatjana, 44, Germany

“My husband booked a three day private retreat to refresh our sexual intimacy and learning tantric massage together. Christiane created such a beautiful and safe space for both of us to deepen our intimacy and connection. We came for the sex but we left deeper in love than ever before.”

Erin, Malaysia

Relationship 2.0 is for…

Couples in a relationship who want to deepen their intimacy and connection, and explore sacred sexual experiences together.

Couples in a new relationship who want to create a solid foundation for long-term connection, love and intimacy.

Couples who want to reignite their sexual fire, who are in long-term relationship or marriage where the chemistry is not quite as good it used to be or even totally absent.

“I believe we all are hungry for deeper love and connection in our relationship.
And it is up to us to create the foundational ground for long-lasting passionate love.”

– Christiane Ameya

Hi, I’m Christiane

I have always been fascinated by love.

In long-term committed relationships I often felt unfulfilled and not truly met, and in the end they all lacked sexual intimacy.

My short term relationships often felt very fiery, dramatic and very unhealthy.

I also tried open relating and polyamory for two years.

As I got together with my current partner Patrick I committed to myself that this time I will do things differently.

I began to study everything that’s out there about love, sex and relationships.

And even though I have been working with women and couples since 2015 – what I found was the missing piece in my own journey to a loving and healthy relationship.

Christiane Ameya Love, Sex and Relationship Coach

Date night schedule

During each date night we will explore unique connection and sacred sexuality tools together like eye gazing, body meditation, orgasmic breath work, energy, touch, and sex magic.

(Please note that the schedule can change due to the needs or desires of the group)

Week 1

Intention, clarity and vision

What do you really want in your relationship?

Week 2

Conscious communication

Holding a safe space for one another and listening with presence.

Week 3

The Work of Byron Katie

Questioning beliefs about your partner for deeper love and compassion.

Week 4

Healing childhood wounds

Understand each other’s deeper patterns and attachment styles.

Week 5


Explore Yoni and Lingam massage.

Week 6

The couple bubble

Diving deeper into love and connection.


  • 6-weeks online LIVE program for couples via Zoom
  • Starts Tuesday 8 November 2022
  • Every week we will gather LIVE for a 90 minute date night
  • First session, Tuesday 8 November at 5 pm CET, last session Tuesday 13 December at 5 pm CET
  • 6 date nights in total (my partner Patrick will be present on 3 date nights)
  • Replays will be sent out within 24 hours
  • Life-time access to the recordings


  • 1 x separate women’s and men’s sharing circle + Q&A
  • 1 x follow up sharing circle + Q&A
  • Private WhatsApp group – a space for sharing and support
  • Resources such as book recommendations & other valuable materials

Your investment € 1.555

Due to the intimate nature of the program, there will only be 12 spots available.


  • One-time payment

Regular Payment plan

  • Three months payment plan

Questions? Please email

If you would like to do the Relationship 2.0 program in German, please send me an email.

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