Yoni Egg Temple

2 hour online workshop

In this special workshop, I will share with you the basics of the Yoni Egg practice and what has helped me and over 1,000 women to experience more intense orgasms and to live in deeper love, joy, and connection.

Jade Egg Temple workshop

“I used to feel pain and disconnected from my yoni and now I feel like we are working together and can literally feel about 100 x more pleasure. It’s a miracle. I’m forever grateful. It’s one of the biggest acts of self love I’ve ever given myself.”

– Gina

What’s included?

This is a theoretical & practical workshop for beginners and advanced practitioners that introduces you to the magic of the Yoni Egg and guides you step by step through the preparation, breast massage, insertion, practice, and removal of the Yoni Egg.

The Yoni Egg Temple supports you:

  • Get out of your head and into your body.
  • To explore and awaken your sexuality.
  • Heal numbness, pain and negative body conditioning.
  • Train your vagina, increase your libido and experience more intense orgasms … and so much more!

How much more joy and aliveness would you experience in your life if you could master even one of these challenges?

“I have never felt this way in my feminine power. I treat my body more lovingly, I dance differently and I have more beautiful and intense sex.”

– Madeleine

Say YES to your femininity, true love and fulfilling sex!

When you join the workshop, you will learn about one of the most powerful tools that, in my experience, exists for women. The Yoni Egg helps you to experience more intense orgasms and to live in deeper love, joy and connection. You will never again feel separated from the infinite source of your sexual energy, which is at home in yourself because I will show you how you can really awaken and embody it.

“Doing the practices woke me up to what is most pleasurable for me and is starting to make me feel appreciation and love for myself. I am more aware of what I want and what I enjoy sexually, and I have, (for the first time in my life), “made love” to a man.”

– Toni

Jade Egg Temple workshop

About the workshop leader:

Christiane Ameya is a love, sex & relationship coach.

Since 2015 she has worked with more than 1,000 women privately, held international trainings, created Jade Egg online programs and offered tantric sessions at events such as the Tantra Festival Ibiza.

With her soft feminine presence that she embodies now, you won´t believe that Christiane lived most of her life disconnected from her true essence, her body and sensuality. After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, she began her journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

Christiane dedicated her life to supporting individuals and couples to remember their deep feminine feeling nature that leads them back home to a loving connection with themselves, their bodies and their relationships.

She walks her talk gracefully as a path of love.

German-born, she currently lives in Ibiza.

Would you like to dive deeper into the Yoni Egg practice and your authentic feminine sexuality?

Then Awakened Woman, my 8-week live program to connect you with your feminine essence and sexual power is the next step for you.

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