Conscious RELATING
for Priestesses

Are you ready for a truly loving relationship?

Conscious RELATING for Priestesses is a 4-day masterclass workshop that acknowledges the sacred whispers of your heart to feel loved, safe and connected in relationships.

I’m going to teach you what I have learned over the past two years in my relationship and how I continue to evolve by addressing important topics like developmental trauma, attachment theory and deep somatics.

The workshop will be deeply NOURISHING and will give you clarity on your own relational blueprint. Together we will take the first steps to re-envision and repattern your experience of love and intimacy in an embodied way.

Plus, there’ll be an opportunity for Q&A at the end.

Conscious RELATING for Priestesses is for women who are single or in a relationship and who find themselves stuck repeating the same pattern over and over again, attracting unavailable men, giving more than they receive, and are ready to practice the skills to a loving and healthy partnership.

While we will be focusing on romantic relationships, the foundations that I’m going to share will be supportive for any kind of relationship (to self, family, friends, work…).


Session 1 | Re-envisioning your romantic relationships
Session 2 | Childhood wound healing
Session 3 | Attachment styles and repair
Session 4 | Powerful Q&A

Investment: 55 Euro

  • Prepared for you like an online course
  • Including What’s App sharing group
  • Life-time access to the recordings

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