Awaken your Feminine Sexual Soul


A One-on-one 6 or 12 Week Program to Reconnect to your Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexual Potential.


Hi Beautiful,

My name is Christiane Ameya. I am a Feminine & Sexual Embodiment Coach and Tantric Yoga Teacher. It´s with joy and an open heart that I welcome you to the Yoni Love Temple.

Before I discovered the Yoni Egg I was deeply disconnected from my divine feminine nature, self-love and sensuality. I was not able to receive or trust and I was afraid of intimacy.

In the past I had to work to orgasm and could only get a small glimpse of the full orgasmic potential every woman has.

As I discovered this ancient priestess practice my life changed. For the first time I felt femininely, sensually and sexually whole as a woman. I was connected to my body, heart, soul, and Yoni.

I felt for the first time the power of love within myself, without wanting or needing anything from the outside. I began to experience incredible amounts of pleasure in bed and in life.

My intuitive and creative potential was revealed to me so I started to live the life I was always dreaming of and began to share my most amazing gifts with the world.


Do you feel...

  • Menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopause problems and other complaints specific to women?
  • That you have everything, but on a deeper level you feel unsatisfied with yourself, your relationships and intimacy?

  • Burned out, stuck or frustrated and missing greater purpose in life?

  • Disconnected from your femininity and sexuality?

  • That it is not easy for you to orgasm or that you want to expand your orgasmic potential?

  • Trauma, numbness, pain or stored unprocessed emotions in your vagina?
  • An armor around your heart?

  • Low libido or loss of interest and passion in your sensual self?

  • Separated from the wisdom and power of your womb?

  • Shame and guilt around your sexuality?

  • Unable to access your intuition and creativity?

  • Unworthiness and lack of self-confidence?


Deep inside you may feel that this can´t be everything. Let me share a secret with you: It´s not!

I would love you to experience what changed my life completely. 

That´s why I am sharing the Secrets of the Yoni Egg with you in this safe and intimate space.

Every woman should have a Yoni Egg!



If you are separate from your sexual energy you are basically disconnected from life, and that's tragic!


The sexual energy is your life force. It's what moves the universe, grows trees and keeps you getting up every morning.

Sexuality is still one of the greatest taboos in our society. There is so much shame and guilt around the topic.

If you feel empty and numb in your Yoni, your out of touch with yourself, your femininity and your emotions.

If you are disconnected from your divine feminine nature or never experienced your limitless sexual potential your will keep searching for this profound desire on the outside.

You might go on diets or overeat, go shopping, partying, abuse alcohol or drugs, become co-dependent in relationships or overwork yourself. It will show up in your most intimate partnerships as lack of trust and fear of intimacy.

You may feel stuck, stressed or burned out as you are so use to always giving and trying to figure out everything from your mind. Or you might have this feeling that you have to do it all by yourself.

You may have lost access to your sensuality, creativity and intuition. And still there is this silent voice whispering to you from deep inside, that there is way more possible in this life and that you could serve the world so much more, but you don´t know how.

The Yoni Egg is a powerful tool to transform all of this!

If you feel a YES in your heart, I'm so excited to share the Secrets of the Yoni Egg with you!

I met Christiane at a workshop and immediately felt like she was the right person to help me with this – very wise, gentle and compassionate, quietly graceful in her feminine power.
— Lauren, 33, England

My Journey of Feminine Sexual Soul Healing

From the outside my life looked perfect.

I had a leadership position at the Federal Employment Agency in Germany, a kind and loving partner, really good friends and a wonderful family.

I had a nice decorated apartment, a new fancy car and always enough money. I was physically healthy and very beautiful.

But inside I was completely frustrated, empty and really sad. There was no joy or pleasure in my life at all. My heart was closed and my Yoni was numb. I had great sex, but what I was really looking for was love and connection. I was miserable and deeply questioning the meaning of life.

After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, I began my journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.


The depth of my soul called me to India where I met Amma, an enlightened master and teacher. She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine in our modern times.

I began to practice and study yoga and meditation. I received clear messages that I have to reconnect to my Sacred Feminine Nature and learn about the Healing Arts of Tantra.

My first Tantra book from Diana Richardson literally blew my mind. I was inhaling and remembering all this sacred knowledge. I knew this before and I know many women do. I opened up to a whole new universe of feminine sexuality and I feel honored to have been able to study with Diana personally.

As the Yoni Egg came into my life I had no idea what it was, but I knew intuitively that it would change my life.

Christiane 15n-4.jpg

I am endlessly grateful for my teacher Sofia Sundari who initiated me into this sacred practice about 3 years ago and who´s retreats I am assisting for the last 2 years. The Yoni Egg opened a path deep inside of me that I had never experienced before.

I love initiating women in these feminine embodiment and sensual self-love practice in my private sessions, workshops and retreats. I feel blessed to share this sacred work with with so many women, offering them a loving and safe space where deep healing is happening.

The Yoni Love Temple is a creation of what I have been experiencing in my own life– and with the women I have worked with–over the last 3 years.

I know it can be something completely new to be so intimate with yourself. It might be challenging to practice with the Yoni Egg on your own, experiencing it´s depth and transforming power, and to ride the waves of resistance or emotions that might come up.

It takes a lot of patience and self love. That´s why it is so powerful!

I created this program for women who are ready to go deeper and make a true commitment to themself.

I'm here to help you fully embrace the abundance and beauty of your Feminine Sexual Soul and embody it in every moment of your life.

Christiane held space for me to feel deep into my being so I could feel the magic of who I am. Her whole beautiful soul was a big expansion in the room full of feminine magic and love.
— Roos, 33, Netherlands



If you are looking for more ease, connection, confidence, freedom and pleasure in your life, look no further than your Yoni!

The word Yoni in Sanskrit means "sacred space" and refers to a woman´s genitals; vulva, vagina and womb.

A Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped crystal originally made out of Jade. It´s used to insert inside the vagina in a very loving and gentle way.

jade egg.jpg

Just wearing the Yoni Egg is very nourishing and healing. It is a tool for feminine empowerment and transformation and traditionally a path of awakening.

While practicing with the Yoni Egg you will awaken the healing medicine of your sexual energy through awareness, breath, muscle squeezing, body movements and other special practices. Your sexual energy is pure life force, your creative potential, also called Shakti.

For me the Yoni Egg not only expanded my orgasmic potential, it also was a direct path of embodied femininity and sensual self-love. This sacred practice helps you to release blockages, traumas and awakens and empowers you through pleasure. How amazing is that?

The Yoni Egg activates the nerves in your vagina and allows you to relax, soften and feel more.

You will become more receptive, feeling joyful, radiant and magnetic. Your life will transform in a very beautiful way because finally you will have access to what you always have been desiring. And this fulfillment is not coming from the outside, it is coming from deep within your own being. It is you who is so powerful, connected and alive.

Using Yoni Egg´s have a loads of benefits including:

  • Helps with PMS, menstrual and menopause problems.
  • Receive orgasm´s or expand your orgasmic potential.
  • Experience vaginal, multiple and full body orgasm.
  • Natural alternative to antidepressants.
  • Connect to your whole pelvis, pelvic floor & lower chakras.
  • Balance hormones by increasing the blood flow.
  • Increase the perception and sensitivity of your vagina and sensitize your body.
  • Revitalized nerve-endings in the vagina.
  • Tap into the anatomy and magnetic superpowers of your Yoni.
  • Create a deeper connection to your heart and womb space.
  • Expand your creative life force energy, passion and sensuality.
  • Accept and love yourself as a woman and embrace your femininity.
  • Deepen your intimacy as an expression of love and redefine your relationship to sexuality.
  • Heal stored unprocessed emotions, pain and sexual trauma.
  • Release old lovers energy from your sacred space.
  • Enhances your vitality, pleasure and self confidence.
  • Improves your overall health, happiness and physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Learn how have healthy boundaries and nurture your sensual goddess in everyday life.
  • Helps you to stay grounded in the body.
  • Feel whole and connected as a woman.


You will receive all of this and so much more by entering the Yoni Love Temple!




A One-on-one 6 or 12 Weeks Program to Awaken your Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexual Potential.



Christiane on bed with flowers.jpg
  • 6 or 12 life-changing One-on-one Coaching Sessions. We meet once a week online for a 60 minutes video chat call. You will get to know your Yoniverse, learn delicious breast massage techniques and everything about the Yoni Egg. I will hold space for you, answer questions about the practices and teach you about sacred femininity and sexuality and how you can bring that back into your life.

  • You receive 10 audio guided meditation practices; teachings that you do at home at your leisure and can keep forever.

  • Unlimited Email Access: Feel free to send me questions, ideas, or anything else you need support with during our time together.

  • I will inspire and nourish you with yummy self-love exercises and delicious homework.

  • Bonuses & Resources: personalized study recommendations that will support you even further.


Investment in yourself: 1.500 EUR

The price for 12 weeks of deep transformation is 2.750 EUR. I only have availability for a few more women at the moment!



Don't wait any longer to step into your full orgasmic wisdom and power!

There is a whole new dimension of femininity and sexual mastery waiting for you at the other end of this path. Not experiencing your limiteless sexual potential as a woman is sad! I would love this for you and you totally deserve this incredible gift and support in this transformational journey. 



I invite you to a free discovery session to get to know each other, explore your current situation and see if we are a good match.

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