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In the Yoni Love Temple I invite you to get to know your Yoniverse by using Yoni Egg's for women's healing and pleasure. I encourage women to get to know their own erotic body more deeply.

Part of becoming more sovereign and empowered is to learn about your body and its pleasure and pain thresholds.  Yoni crystals deepen your self pleasure practice and support you to go deeper into the orgasmic mystical realm of sexuality.

Yoni Crystals are precious stones, rare in nature and carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities. The crystals are safe for internal use, sustainably sourced, hand-carved, polished and blessed to ensure the best for you and your yoni.



Yoni Egg's

If you are new to Yoni Egg's I recommend you to begin with a medium sized Jade or Rose. Rainbow Obsidian crystals are best for those who have already established a practice as they have a more powerful and clearing effect on the womb!

All Yoni Egg's are drilled *except for the Rainbow Obsidian.


Yoni Wand

The Yoni Wand is used to give yourself (or your partner) a sensual yoni massage. Unlike yoni eggs, you still have contact with the crystal while it's inside if you—making the wand a powerful tool for working with yourself and specific easily accessible points.


I'm here to help you fully embrace the abundance and beauty of your Feminine Sexual Soul and embody it in every moment of your life.