Sacred Touch Massage Workshop

May 6, 2019 ~ Kuala Lumpur

Have you been curious how to connect more with yourself but were waiting for the right first step?


This is an excellent first step where you will get introduced to one of the most amazing practices - Sacred Touch massage.

This wonderful three hour workshop is designed for women who desire to connect more with themselves through presence and the true art of sensual touch. If you are seeking a deeper level of love, intimacy and bonding, look no further.

Taking the time to learn the very simple Sacred Touch massage techniques will have you fall more in love with yourself than you ever thought possible. I promise!


What is Scared Touch massage?

Sacred Touch massage is an energetic and flow style of massage that moves with presence and unconditional love. This style of massage is designed to give and receive touch without any goal.

The intention is to create an energetic connection within the massage. Sacred Touch massage is very relaxing and nurturing, yet leans towards a sensual style of massage.

Touch is one of the most intimate sensations a human can experience.


Our workshop begins with a brief gathering to get settled in, meet the other women, familiarize yourself with the space. I will give a demonstration of the Sacred Touch massage techniques I have worked to perfect over the course of my career.

You will partner with another women and then practice with each other. I will move throughout the space giving individual guidance to each participant while they are playfully achieving the techniques and getting into the flow of what they are learning.

Would you like to:

  • connect deeper with yourself through sacred touch massage?

  • give and receive touch to the fullest?

  • get powerful tools for opening your main energy flow?

  • feel more alive, sensual and relaxed in your body?

  • learn how to create a safe and sacred space?

  • receive a unique gift for yourself and your beloved after?

Then this workshop is for you.



When & where? Kuala Lumpur, Monday May 6, 2019, 9 am - 12 pm

Price? RM 600

RM 500 EARLY BIRD before April 15, 2019

Advanced registration and full upfront payment is required!

To sign in please contact Sally Looi +60123097639 or

We ask you to respect that payments are non-refundable and we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.


You will be surprised and dearly rewarded with the magic of Sacred Touch!


Who is invited?
Every women is welcome. This Workshop is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with other massage techniques.

What should I wear?
Wear clothes where you feel comfortable to move, sit, lie down.

What do I have to bring?
Everything is provided for you. Just come with an open heart and mind!

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About the Facilitator:

Christiane KoSoul is a Feminine & Sexual Empowerment Coach and Tantric Yoga Teacher. In her private sessions, workshops and retreats she offers a space for women to awaken divine feminine and sacred sexual consciousness. With her soft feminine presence she helps women to reveal their true nature as a portal to self-love, authenticity and a more blissful ecstatic life. Her deepest calling is to balance the relationship between the feminine and masculine in the world.

Christiane will be available for 1 : 1 private sessions and private couple retreats on May 7, 8 and 9, 2019.


I offer individual private sessions for


In my work I hold a unique space that guides you home to yourself. You will experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to surrender, receive and be held.

Release trauma, numbness, pain and suppressed emotions. Awaken your life energy, expand into pleasure and experience deep transformation and healing on all levels.

  • 1 : 1 Inner Healing Massage for Women 2 hours = RM 1400

  • Private Couple Retreat 1 day = RM 3100


~ Special offer ~

For every woman who is attending the Sacred Touch Massage Workshop:

  • Group class + 1 : 1 Inner Healing Massage for Women 2 hours = RM 1650

  • Group class + Private Couple Retreat 1 day = RM 3300

    Advanced registration and full upfront payment is required! To sign in please contact Sally Looi +60123097639 or

We ask you to respect that payments are non-refundable and we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.


During the workshop a small selection of Yoni Crystals for women's healing and pleasure will be offered for sale. Find out more about this magical treasures here.



“I’ve had A LOT of healing and coaching sessions of all different kinds in my life and I am a coach myself however Christiane’s work (even in a single session) had a profound effect on me and continues to do so. I used to feel pain and disconnected from my yoni and now I feel like we are working together and can literally feel about 100 x more pleasure. It’s a miracle. I’m forever grateful. If you are considering her services I would say take the leap it’s one of the biggest acts of self love I’ve ever given myself."

Gina, 32, London

Gina 2.jpg

I am delighted to have you participating and to share this wonderful knowledge with you!

If you have any questions or if you are not sure whether the workshop is for you please e-mail me:

With Love,