This question I hear from many women, and it’s definitely one I have been asking myself before.

During my time as a single woman I sometimes thought there is no conscious man out there who is ready to meet me.

Looking back the truth is, I wasn’t ready yet to meet myself.

I often pointed my finger outward instead of going deeper within.

This is a common mistake we all do on the path of spiritual awakening.

We learn something new and amazing about ourselves, love, intimacy and relationships, and instead of embodying our new reality, the mind comes in and projects it onto the outer world.

But he is not emotionally available so he needs to open his heart.

But he is afraid of commitment so he needs to work on his fears.

What if we as women begin to show up for our own emotions and vulnerabilities with deep love and compassion.

What if we as women bring light and awareness to the parts of ourselves that fear love, intimacy and commitment.

What if we as women commit to open our hearts, wombs and Yoni’s, and release the pain, the rage and the grief we hold towards men.

If we as women begin get to know ourselves so intimately, to see, honor and hold all parts of ourselves, chances are that we will meet a man that sees us, honors us and is willing to show up and hold the container for our hearts too.

If we as women are willing to do the work and discover that deep down at our core many of us feel unworthy of love, we will stop projecting this lack onto men.

We will begin to opening in love and very likely attract a relationship our heart and our soul know it’s possible.

And if he is not ready to love you the way you desire and deserve to be loved, let him go and find what he is looking for and you do the same.