A few moons ago I went with a bunch of my modern-day witch friends to the beach to moon bath at night.

Equipped with sage, drums and crystals we were unwinding, dropping in and howling at the moon.

We opened our hearts, wombs and yonis to the moon, drinking in the moonlight, while performing a powerful manifestation ritual.

We were letting go of what no longer serves us and calling in what we truly desire in life.

Being seen and heard by each other we called in love, intimacy, relationships, new houses, partners, clients, money… and many of these desires became reality (including my new Ibiza home).

Want to give this a try?

In the Taoist tradition, the moon energy is Yin. And female sexuality is also Yin by its nature.

Yin energy is deep like the ocean, powerful, full of wisdom and magic.

Our modern-day society generally drains Yin energy. Many women constantly operate from fiery Yang energy.

This often leaves us stressed out, overworked, overwhelmed and often burnt out.

We as women lose our connection to this nourishing Yin energy – the qualities of slowing down, just being and becoming receptive to what we truly desire.

I tie in the moon in so many practices I do.

I’m curious, what do you do on the full moon?