Many women are afraid of speaking their truth. Or sharing their gifts with the world or even making sounds during s*x.

When we are not in touch with our throat, we may desire more love, connection and intimacy in our life, but be scared to voice our own truth.

That can often make us feel not seen, heard or understood. We may experience this as a sense of separation, or self-doubt; we may have  a general lack of passion in life, and in bed.

I know how that feels, I have been there. And just this week I discovered some new layers of  frustration at  not being fully true to myself and speaking up.

So I had a couple of difficult conversations, with friends, people in my business and also myself. I did an extra long and noisy Yoni Egg practice, and guess what?

It was powerful, pleasurable and created more love and intimacy with myself and others. It felt releasing, like a long deep exhale after holding my breath. It even opened new possibilities for everyone involved.

At the moment you start speaking your truth, you become more powerful than you could possibly imagine because when you speak the truth you start believing in yourself. 

Speaking your truth comes from knowing who you are and knowing your purpose in life.

And what does this have to do with the Yoni? Well, look at the picture. Yoni and throat are deeply interconnected! They mirror each other.

Do you notice a difference in your voice after having s*x?

Allow yourself to speak a bit more of your truth today. Be honest with yourself, your family, your partner, your friends and your divine purpose.

Become comfortable with making sounds during s*x, but also generally in life. Even just a tiny little ‚aaahhh‘ sound deep from your womb will be a game changer, and will open to deeper pleasure and orgasms.

Activate your voice by doing a Yoni Egg practice and set the intention for fully expressing yourself.

Connecting women to the power and pleasure of speaking their truth is a big part of my women’s work.

Would you like to learn more?


Image @luisaalexandre