I rose from the waves like the legendary Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Later, as I looked at the pictures, I caught myself starting to judge the parts of my body that I don’t like: Cellulite on my thighs, skin and fat rolls around my belly, wrinkles on my face… If you are a woman, you know what I mean!

This seems to be a very normal reaction considering the collective consciousness we are living in. I don‘t even know one single woman who isn’t, at least to a certain degree, judgemental around her body.

In a culture of Barbie dolls, touched-up photos in glossy magazines and the year on year increase in plastic surgeries, it is clear that women, but also men, are brainwashed very early on as to how a woman’s body should look.

The price we are paying for this is huge!

Women have their breasts shaped, their lips, noses, eyelids, tummies, yoni lips… And I have considered every one of them at different stages in my life (Ok, never yoni lips, no f*cking way😉). And the big question is WHY?

I don‘t believe it’s very empowering! I don’t think it transforms the core issue.

Most women already feel disconnected from their bodies, and these invasive procedures just make the inner connection to their bodies more elusive. They can no longer feel their beauty, radiance and aliveness from within.

I told myself to STOP immediately, stood naked in front of the mirror and began to appreciate all the parts of my body that I love: My soft skin, my eyes, my breasts…


I gazed at them with eyes of love and wonder. Seeing the divine, the essence in all things.

I witnessed all parts of my body. Allowed discomfort and emotions, without pushing anything away.


I offered loving touch to each part of my body. I smiled at them, whispered words of appreciation.

Stop criticising your body and start loving and accepting her!

There are amazing practices I teach in my trainings, retreats and workshops to ignite your inner radiance. To feel beautiful, sensual and alive within your own body

Women I have worked with keep reflecting that their breasts started to grow after adding self-love breast massage into their daily routine. Women lose weight naturally because they begin to fill up their own cup from inside through Yoni Egg practice, instead of resorting to emotional eating.

Apart from that, the Yoni Egg practice is intended to be rejuvenating, and traditionally it is said to bring eternal beauty. And the best thing is, it is not only not painful but immensely pleasurable, those Chinese empresses knew…

Your body is your temple. She is the Goddess.

And her love, beauty, pleasure and passion want to be embodied through you.

What do you do when you notice body judgment? How do you handle it? Would love to hear below!

There are amazing practises I teach in my trainings, retreats, and workshops to ignite your inner radiance. To feel beautiful, sensual and alive within your own body.

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