Isn’t it incredible how our feminine body supports us once we reconnect to her in a loving and accepting way.

The moment we give her time and space she does what she has to do, she takes what she needs, she releases what she wants to let go of.

I spend the whole morning in the forest lying on the ground.

Merging the electromagnetic field of my womb with the electromagnetic field of the womb of the earth.

Resting. Listen to her silent whisper. Breathing. Bleeding into the earth. Sounding.

Simply being and enjoying this blissful state every woman naturally enters into during this sacred time of the month.

If you read my eBook SACRED BLOOD: The Wisdom and Healing Power of Menstruation, where I share a lot about the feminine cycle and how to approach menstrual pain, you may know that I highly recommend every women to rest as much as possible, at least on day one of her menstruation.

But the truth is, in reality this might not always be possible.

Even I try my best to plan my work around my cycle. I sometimes wake up on the morning of a workshop or in the middle of a retreat with blood running in between my legs.

“Explore the healing medicine of your feminine creative life force at the Feminine Awakening Retreat. You will learn how to be present in your body and nurture your inner goddess in every moment of your life.”


Of course it would be ridiculous to stay in bed and cancel the workshop or to pause the retreat and send women who have spent a lot of time, energy and money to be there home.

But instead I can use the special energetic state I am in during this time to take everyone else with me. To take everyone even deeper.


The energy of a woman who is bleeding is powerful!

She might not be very productive or efficient in physical activities or with spread sheets, but at this time she naturally has easier access to her subconscious, inner knowledge and wisdom.

It is also a time to get new insights and to create new ideas.

I believe underneath all the different concepts there is a way bigger force that you can trust.

That this situation is exactly the best that can happen, for you and each and everyone involved.

And apart from this you can allow yourself to take it way slower, to create more breaks and daytime naps. To rest your womb on the earth.

It is an excellent opportunity to practice the feminine art of receiving by reaching out and asking others for support.

To get authentic and share with others when you are bleeding and how this makes you feel.

To take leadership by educating your private and professional environment so menstruation becomes a normal topic everyone knows and talks about without shame. Just as if we were talking about dinner last night, fashion or football.

So our future society will know that menstruation is not a female weakness but women’s true power and magic.

If you want to know more about your moon cycle, download my free eBook SACRED BLOOD: The Wisdom and Healing Power of Menstruation.