Recently my friend asked me, „Do you carry your Yoni in your heart?“

I replied, „Yes, somehow. Or better I send all the love from my heart to my Yoni and tell her that I love her, that I see her, that I listen to her and that I take care of her. And she responds by sending all her precious love back into my heart.“

I often notice that even women who live a very conscious life, live a life apart from their Yoni. Through this separation we often feel disconnected from our femininity, our inner wisdom, our vitality, creativity and power. Maybe you are already nourishing your body, heart and mind by practicing yoga or meditation.

But how much do you actually care about your Yoni, the source of your sacred feminine nature?

The word for vagina in Sanskrit is Yoni, meaning, „sacred space“.

As such a divine place, your vagina deserves to be worshiped. You are your own guardian goddess of your beautiful temple. I always get excited to hear about the pelvic floor in yoga classes and personally I work a lot with it. We often hear the term „Mula Bandha“ in yoga. From my experience only a few women really know what the teacher is actually talking about. And only some are brave enough to ask, „What exactly is that?“, „How can I consciously come in contact with this area of my body?“ or „Why should I do this at all?“ Most women keep silent.

Whenever you activate your pelvic floor or apply Mula Bandha you automatically get in touch with your Yoni.

You can do this in a very mechanical way or you can bring all of your loving awareness to this most delicate part of your body and gently, but consciously, get in contact with your Yoni. Relaxing her is just as important as squeezing her. Otherwise, after years of practice, you will find yourself with tension in the pelvic floor and in your Vagina which can manifest as pain or cramps.

I used to live from around my head most of my life and had very little connection to my Yoni at all.

I see it a lot in daily life–as well as in my work–that so many women are completely disconnected from their sacred space and feminine power. The way you see your Yoni, how you talk about her and what respect you give her, shows how you appreciate her, and how conscious your relationship to your Yoni is. This connects to your sensuality, sexuality and even your pleasure in bed.

Why is it like this?

Sexuality is still one of the greatest taboos in our society. There is so much shame around the topic. The church separated sex from spirit, but in ancient traditions they were intimately connected.

When we are born we were much more connected with our sexual energy, which is basically our life energy. It’s what drives us and creates new life in many different forms. Look at babies as they come into this world full of vitality and overflowing joy. They are so free and innocent. Their desire is to discover themselves and find pleasure in their own bodies. It´s so natural for them to explore their genitals. But then we tell them: „Don’t do this.“, „This is bad.“ or „Stop it, it’s dirty.“

So we get the feeling that we are not okay the way we are. We suppress our feelings, because we are ashamed and deform our desire. Sexuality becomes something everyone does, but no one talks about it. And of course this conditioning only happens because our parents, grandparents and the generations before them just did not know better and it wasn’t the time to bring awareness around the topic.

In addition, women´s female power and sexuality has been suppressed and exploited for thousands of years. It is so powerful that it can be irritating or even frightening. Women who were in their power were kept small or burned as witches. Our body is very smart and remembers everything. We not only carry our personal history in our cells, but also those of the generations before us is stored.

If you want to awaken your divine feminine and want to feel whole and complete as a woman I invite up you to open up to your sensuality and sexuality.

In order to heal past and present pain as well as shame, guilt and negative beliefs, women are called to establish a loving and accepting relationship with themselves and their Yoni´s. Only in this way can we reconnect to our true nature and live a joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life. Every women has access to this healing medicine within her own body. By unlearning, unbecoming and unraveling, we can experience sexuality as natural, sensual and deeply spiritual.

You will get to know your Yoniverse, learn delicious breast massage techniques and everything about the Yoni Egg.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

What do I actually think about my Yoni? Do I feel her at all? What does she desire? When was the last time I touched her? Many women suffer from a weak pelvic floor and can’t feel their Yoni from the inside at all. Only a few are aware of this tender connection to their breasts and feel her fire, her creativity and passion. Most women find it difficult to orgasm. I have had to work to orgasm for most of my life and could just get a glimps of the full orgasmic potential every woman has. According to a recent study 90% fake orgasm.

What we can’t find inside we seek on the outside.

Women undergo painful beauty surgeries, use intimate sprays so they don’t smell their wonderful unique flavor, embellish their Yoni with piercings and painful waxing. We wear synthetic underwear and use tampons, which often contains harmful chemicals and pesticides to not feel and notice much about our own menstrual cycle.

But none of this will ever change your relationship to your Yoni. It may provide superficial satisfaction or do its purpose, but on a deeper level only self-love, acceptance and consciousness can heal.

I know it is a sensitive topic and it requires courage to take responsibility for yourself as a woman and your female sexuality.

Often we have to overcome smaller and larger layers of shame, guilt and low self-esteem. But I promise you–from my own experience–that this journey is worth it. You are worth it. It will change your intimacy with yourself, your partner, and also your whole way of living.

Shame is powerful. We feel guilty for something we have done. But shame is greater. We are ashamed of our innermost being, our essence. Of those who we truly are.

A woman who is aware of her Yoni and her power radiates from every single cell of her body. You will see it in her eyes, in the way she moves, talks, eats, how she enjoys herself, her sexuality and her whole life.

Have you ever looked at your Yoni?

Take a mirror and look at her. Observe your thoughts. Allow all your emotions to be there. See her beauty, her love, her divinity. She is the source of your sacred feminine nature.

Your Yoni is the giver of this life.

The other day a woman said to me, „But we are practicing yoga to develop spiritually beyond our bodies.“

That’s true, but if you ask me, this will not happen without starting from our roots. We have to honor and embrace this divine place where all life begins. We have to come down to the base in order to lift things up. Acceptance instead of judgement, as well as love and trust–in our self and our beautiful bodies–and an open natural approach to sexuality, are healing and create long-term inner and outer peace and spiritual connection.

Exercise: Listen To Your Second Heart

Take 15 minutes and find a place where you can be undisturbed. Lie down on your back. Put one hand on your heart and the other on your Yoni. Take a few deep breaths and imagine how you breathe in and out through your Yoni. Allow your belly with every inhalation to expand. Soften your lips and relax your jaw. Bring all your awareness to your Yoni. Imagine with each inhalation healing golden light flowing from your heart into your Yoni. With every exhalation release any old emotions, stuck energy, heaviness or pain.

Finish by visualizing this healing golden light in your Yoni and repeat: „I love and accept you unconditionally.“

Rest for a moment and enjoy yourself in silence.

Maybe you will be surprised at what your Yoni has to tell you.

Every women should get a Yoni Massage.

A wonderful way to experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to simply receive, trust and fully surrender through conscious loving unconditional touch is the Tantric Massage Ritual, which can include a Massage of the Yoni. It releases trauma, numbness, pain and emotions and expand your orgasmic potential. You can create a new healthy and loving relationship towards yourself, your feminine side and your Yoni.

The Yoni Egg

My favourite tool to bring more self love and awareness into your sacred space. It´s an ancient practice which has been rediscovered by a growing number of women and gives you deep insights into the sacred aspects of your femininity and your Yoni.

And for the men:

As a man you can learn a lot if you commit to really love, value and worship the Yoni of a woman. You can support and encourage her. For this you have to change your perspective, slow down and let go of old concepts. I know, that can be quite scary and challenging sometimes. But I promise, you will not only give the woman and yourself a great gift, you will also change the whole world.