Feminine & Sexual Embodiment Coaching

Do you feel disconnected from your true feminine nature, your sensuality and fullness in every part of your life?

Is shame, guilt and low self-esteem dimming the sacred beauty and creative power of your femininity and sexuality?

Do you find it difficult to simply receive, trust and fully surrender into the ecstatic waves of life and orgasm?

1-1 Feminine & Sexual Embodiment Coaching

These days many women find them self easily burned out, stuck or frustrated. Our modern lifestyle is destructive for our health and spiritual well-being.

Most of us grew up learning strong masculine principles. We are crazy about doing, productivity, achieving goals and obsessed with speed. Feminine qualities like receptivity, resting and the magic of leaving moments unfilled is not appreciated and seen as weak.

Deep inside you may feel that this can't been everything.

Let me share a secret with you: It's not!

Within your heart, your mind and your body lies some of the greatest secrets and powers waiting to be revealed. 

You deserve to experience Love, Freedom and Intimacy in your Life and your Relationships.

It is your birthright to feel fully alive, radiant and joyful.

Sexuality, which is the root of your feminine creative life force, is a portal to self-love and feminine empowerment.

I am offering a safe and trusted space for you where you can relax and bring awareness around your relationship towards your own femininity, share emotional vulnerability and dive deep into the mystery and potential of your own unique creative expression in bed and in life.


My coaching is an individual, unique and intimate journey beginning from where you are at right now. I like to take time and full presence to hold a space for you, which allows you to learn, embody and dive deep into the mysteries of your own femininity and sexuality. Together we will explore your needs and personal desires and find out what serves you best.

I am not here to heal, change or fix you. I know that you are already whole and perfect as you are. But I will help you to access and listen to your own feminine wisdom and reveal the beautiful, powerful and sensual woman that you truly are.

I work with only a small number of private clients worldwide online via Skype or Phone at any time. Our minimum coaching commitment together is 12 weeks with weekly 60 minutes Coaching Sessions, E-Mail Support, Guided Practices, Self-Love Exercises, delicious Homework and Self-Study Time.

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How to begin?

Before we decide to work together we will meet on Skype or Phone for a connection call to get to know each other, explore your current situation, your intentions and see if we are a good match. Fill out the application form below and I get back to you to schedule a call.

It is very powerful to invest into your own femininity and sexuality.

Are your ready?


I can help you if you feel...

  • That you have everything, but on a deeper level you feel unsatisfied with yourself, your relationships and intimacy.
  • Burned out, stuck or frustrated and missing greater purpose in life.
  • Disconnected from your femininity and sexuality.
  • Unable to access your creative potential and share you unique gifts.
  • Self-hatred towards you body, mind and soul.
  • Numbness, low libido, loss of interest and lack of ability to orgasm.
  • You have the tendency to please others in bed and life.
  • Menstrual irregularities, PMS and menopause problems.
  • Shame and guilt around your sensual being.
  • Unworthiness and lack of self-confidence.
  • You find it difficult to receive, trust and surrender.
  • You want to enhance your natural fertility.
  • Fear around giving birth and want to prepare yourself for a natural and orgasmic experience.


I work with courageous women like you who know in their core that they deserve more and I look forward meeting you.