It’s not sexual attraction.

This is either there, not there, it grows or goes.

We all know that passionate attraction is amazing and for sure has its place.

But most women who are dating know that this fire can burn very fast and often leaves ashes of hurt and disappointment.

The number one question you want to ask yourself on your quest to true love is:

„Do I feel safe with this man?“

This means, can my body, my heart and my womb soften and relax within his presence.

Am I inspired by how this man shows up in the world, in his life, and with me.

Are his words and actions in alignment?

Is he committed to show up for our connection and willing to build the tools for a deep, sėxy and authentic relationship?

Once you start dating from this place of dignity it will shift your energetic field.

Men around you will feel it.

Women who most easily attract healthy love embodying this confidently.

PLUS you will start rewiring your own attachment style and start changing your future.

Enjoy playing with this and let me know what shifts you notice.

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