Reclaim your wild sexual power

I believe that we as women are not here to be nice, to look pretty and to hold our breath.

We are all so f.cking tired of it, aren’t we?

We are here to be wild!

Inside of each of us there is a wild nature that is deeply connected and alive.

She knows how the wet soil tastes, she is not afraid of walking barefoot through the mud and getting dirty.

She knows how to make a fire, how to drum to the heartbeat of the earth and to howl at the full moon.

She is not afraid of the cold dark waters of the rivers and oceans nor of the one of her own blood and emotions.

She doesn’t care how she looks, to be too loud, too much or what others think of her.

She speaks from her heart and vulnerability, and has the courage to set clear boundaries.

She knows the power of her deepest desires, her ecstatic pleasure and sxuality.

She is free from fear, shame and guilt.

If we want to awaken our feminine essence and become whole as a woman, sooner or later we need to reclaim her.

The angry one.

The bitchy one.

The messy one.

The crazy one.

The dark one.

The unapologetic one.

The authentic, real and raw you!

If we as women do not integrate that part of us consciously it often shows up in unconscious, disempowering or unhealthy ways in our lives.

We might experience that:

+ We try to find our wild woman through „outer wildness“ like smoking, drinking, taking drugs or endless partying.

+We have difficulty accessing our desires, pleasures and orgasm.

+ We don‘t have healthy boundaries in sex, love, relationships as well as in our work.

+ We are deeply scared of life.

+ We attract partners that mirror our own „inner wildness“ like ie. “rock stars” or “bad boys”, who feel very tempting but are often avoidant or unavailable.

To be clear, I don’t judge any of the above. I have engaged in all these activities in my life for years.

But we need to wake up and shake up this feminine archetype that is so heavily repressed in our society.

To let go of what we believe she is and allow her to be what she truly is.

For our children.

For our relationships.

For our work.

For our planet.

Your wildness is needed in all its authentic expressions!

This is an invitation for every woman to reflect upon herself and to open deeper to the true wild and free woman that lives inside each one of us.