Last year one of my mentors said to me: “Christiane, you are rejecting love before it rejects you.”

That was pretty hard to hear.

Opening up to experience more love, intimacy and deeper relationships is what I have been working on personally for years.

This is what I have been teaching to hundreds of women.

Her statement put me on a courageous and powerful journey that changed my future.

It’s a very humbling thing to admit the ways that we are pushing love away even as we’re seeking it.

I noticed that I kept choosing partners that I knew in my heart and womb weren’t right for me.

I could see that I went into relationships out of fiery erotic passion rather than slow-loving ‘getting to know each other’.

I still found myself choosing men who weren’t available.

I learned about my anxious attachment style and that this often attracts partners with an avoidant tendency.

I revisited old traumas, wounds, betrayals, hurts and scars.

Yes, it feels scary.

There is a part of us that is so afraid to open up to love. To fully give and receive love.

To love courageously authentic.

…And yes, it can be painful at times.

Honestly, a part of me feels much safer to just shut down, withdraw and protect myself from this pain. But in the end, this creates only more pain.

But let me tell you, with deep love, compassion and the right support we can identify the ways that we are pushing love away, and we can admit those things to ourselves, it’s very humbling, and it is a very beautiful and life-changing journey.

It all starts with you, beloved.

Imagine what would be possible if you allow yourself to receive all the love you desire and deserve.