The queendom of the goddess is within you.

If you really knew me you would know that I carry a very intimate connection to the feminine Christ.

I was baptized and have a catholic background. My feminine ancestral lineage comes from Poland.

My grandmother was the first true Christian I knew in this life. She was a rare embodiment of unconditional love.

As little girl I used to go to church with her. Even though I loved our little Sunday ritual, very early I sensed a certain heaviness in this religion.

I refused first communion at the age of 6. I can’t remember why but my whole being rebelled against it.

My family made me feel guilty about it, because that is what a good Christian does. But they accepted.

I stepped out of church as soon as I could at the age of 18, mainly because it didn‘t made sense to me to financially support this institution.

The first time I went to India and met my teacher Amma it felt so refreshing to see Jesus next to Krishna, Buddah, Allah etc. in her temple. Soon after I discovered Tantra and learned that love is the deepest power and everything is holy and divine.

The spiritual path of Tantra welcomes all parts of ourselves, including our humanness and our bodies, and its natural desires. In this ancient tradition, Goddesses are worshipped.

Sexuality is seen as sacred, and pleasure is not a sin but an invitation to deepen into more presence and love. Self-love.

If we follow a spiritual path that doesn’t teach us about self-love, it won’t work.

If we follow teachings that make us feel separate, guilty or even ashamed of who we really are at our core, we will end up fearful and suffering.

If we as women grow up with a religion that disempowers us we often carry the underlying feeling that there must be something fundamentally wrong with us.

But what if there is something fundamentally right with us?

What if we are worthy of love?

What if our body is the temple?

What if our pleasure is sacred?

To become awakened is to realize that the queendom of the goddess is within you.

So be courageous, queen! Don’t look outside for answers but instead follow the wisdom of love and your own inner truth.