Female sexuality Christiane Ameya

What is sexual freedom for women?

Having sex with whomever you want and when ever you want?

Following every desire?

Having multiple sexual partners?

The amount of sexual partners you had?

The number of orgasms?

Sex without protection?

Being potentially always sexually available?

Having to be single to be sexually free?

I feel what comes with freedom is responsibility.

Get to know your feminine body.

Accept and embrace your sexuality as a natural part of who you truly are as woman.

Enjoy and celebrate sexual pleasure.

Self-pleasure as a self-love practice.

Take responsibility for your own pleasure.

Open conversations about sex and consent (includes sexual health talk and using condoms.)

Learn to express your fears, needs and desires.

Honour our boundaries.

Be true to yourself and your own experience.

The permission to change your YES to a NO in any moment.

Show emotional vulnerability. A good cry during lovemaking is so liberating!

Share your unique sexuality with whomever you feel honoured and safe.

Love the woman you are and her body.

Develop real and loving relationships.

Trust yourself, your partner and the divine.

Do you have another definition of sexual freedom? Please share in the comments below:


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