Just in case you didn’t know yet, I love touch!

And I believe we all need more touch in our lives.

Touch is one of my major love languages. It is even written into my human design that it is important for me to connect and communicate with others through touch.

I love to give and receive touch. I love to give and take pleasure from touch.

But what we all really need is touch that comes from presence, touch without wanting anything, or hoping to get somewhere.

Touch that is loving, caring, holding.

Touch that produces the love hormone oxytocin and relaxes our nervous system.

Touch that gives us a feeling of belonging, of being connected and appreciated.

Most of us didn’t receive enough nurturing touch as children.

Once we leave our mother’s womb, we are taken away from her, to get cleaned, medically checked, to give her a rest.

But the first skin contact for a baby is so important.

Many of us have never been breastfed.

The effects of missing out on this first source of nourishment can be felt mentally, physically and energetically for the rest of our lives.

And even if we were lucky and received lots of loving touch, hugs and cuddles as children, we come to a point in our teenage years where we find it awkward to share comforting physical intimacy with our parents.

The next moment in our lives where we receive touch is generally as we enter into our first intimate sexual connections.

Then touch often becomes something to get somewhere.

It comes with an agenda or a goal.

I see this as a big problem, especially in women’s sexuality.

A woman can feel whether a man is needy in his touch and usually she gets easily bored, her body shuts down or she withdraws sexually from her partner.

But there are some magical keys to how our feminine body opens through touch.

Once a woman feels loved, safe and relaxed and doesn’t have to perform, she blossoms in ways she might never have thought possible.

Touch is so healing.

Through presence and loving touch, a woman can release trauma and numbness, as well as emotional and physical pain.

She can feel nourished, confident, fully alive and as if she is coming home within the temple of her own body.

A woman in her mid-fifties shared with tears in her eyes during the last Tantric Bodywork Immersion that this was the first time she had touched another woman’s breast since her mother breastfed her.

This was a major breakthrough to heal the relationship with her feminine side and other women around her.

To trust other women.

To feel safe with other women.

Check out my Tantric Bodywork Immersion „The Art of Receiving” Sept 16-22, 2019 in Sweden and learn how to heal and nourish your feminine through love, presence and touch.