The more I dive into the topic of femininity the connection to my menstrual rhythm changes.

Women and men benefit from a better understanding of the rising and falling cycle which happens about 400 times from puberty to menopause. It has a significant influences on female life. The female cycle as well as the lunar rhythm usually takes around 28 days. In previous times women have been more aware of the connection between their inner nature and the moon phases.

1 st Phase (Day 1 to 3/7)

In Menstrual Phase a monthly cycle ends while a new one is prepared.

The time of bleeding is the phase of the wise woman in us. While our energy turns inwards we intuitively withdraw and become passive to rest, renew and reflect. Naturally we now have easier access to our subconscious, inner knowledge and intuitive creativity. It is also a time of letting go and creating space for new things and ideas.

In traditional cultures almost all women of a tribe were bleeding on New Moon. This was also a time for extended spiritual practices. Everyone knew how powerful the energy of women during this time was. Once a month women gathered in special places to performed rituals connecting to their divine feminine power.

Today you can use this time best if you create space for yourself as much as you can. Gather with other women, journal, meditate or practice gentle Yin Yoga.

2nd Phase (Day 4/8 until Ovulation)

The Follicular Phase is the time after bleeding and prepares Ovulation.

It’s the phase of the Virgin in us. Everything is still untouched, but our conscious awareness increases. We feel dynamic, active and independent. Now is the best time for mental creativity and learning. We can concentrate better and have much more clarity.

3 rd Phase (Around Day 14 – Full moon)

During Ovulation the fertilized egg is ejected from the ovary and travels along the fallopian tubes towards the womb.

The fertile days represent the phase of the mother in us. We are receptive and expressive. Our energy is directed towards the outside. We feel empathy and have a good sense of reasoning. Now is the best time to bring our projects into the world.It is easy for us to communicate and support or work with others. We are in love and a flirting mood and longing for relationships or a partner.

Even our feminine radiance changes. The hormones make us weigh a little less around ovulation. We move slower and softer, dance differently, our voice gets higher and our smell more intense and tempting. Our hair is more shiny, our skin cleaner, our lips fuller and our eyes seem visibly brighter and bigger.

4th Phase (Day 15 to 28)

The premenstrual phase between ovulation and the beginning of menstruation is also called Luteal Phase.

It is the phase of the magician in us. Our subconscious awareness increases and creates the best time for inspiration and access to our intuitive wisdom. We can see behind forms and appearances and recognizes problems and create solutions.

Just before your menstruation you may notice that it feels good for you to slow down and look inside. If you do not allow this natural need you anger, frustration and rage can rise in you. You are also particularly sensitive to emotions, if you did not take care of yourself during the other cycle phases and suppressed your feelings and needs.

Has ever someone called you hysterical in this time?

The term comes from the Greek word hystera and means “womb”.

Let your partner or people around you know how you feel and that you need time for yourself, or that you need support.

Why is it important to remember the power of our female rhythm?

We live in a world that is defined by strong masculine principles. This energy is determined more by doing than being. There is little knowledge about the beautiful dance of female hormones. I wish someone would have told me the day I got my first period what a unique gift I received and how I could better understand and use those energies and qualities during my cycle.

It is time to wake up and acknowledge that women and men are absolutely the same but still totally different.

The lifestyle in a big city, a full-time job, children, the household and all the different roles and expectations of a modern woman nowadays are gifts and challenges at the same time. Self-love and a clear “YES” to yourself and your femininity is a good foundation for a conscious and harmonious cycle. This also prevents premenstrual syndrome (PMS)–which is one of the most common gynecological complaints–and balances cycle disturbances and menstrual cramps.

I do not know many women who don’t suffer from unpleasant symptoms or even serious pain during their menstruation. In best cases women find the time of bleeding annoying.


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What if we simply appreciate the gift of our female rhythm and flow WITH our cycle instead of being AGAINST it?

The monthly bleeding is our friend, not our enemy. Life does not want us to suffer.

Our womb is a levitate organ and is floating as the feminine energy does. She sinks down before menstruation, which can cause a pulling of the fascia. Its an indication that the time of bleeding comes. And as we are emotional beings our emotions flow more freely during the time of menstruation than usual. Pain that extremely influences our social, family and professional relationships are signs to stop for a moment and ask ourselves, “What does this pain actually want to say?”

Resting on the first day of your period is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Women in Japan can have one day a month off from work since 1947. This is called “menstruation holiday”.

Modern medicine provides a wide range of possibilities and I know many women can only go with painkillers through the time of menstruation. Two unwritten rules dominates in our society with feminine blood: hiding and keeping quiet.

But why do we do this? In order to be strong and function properly?

We don’t have to prove our self to anyone, but we can be loving and honest towards our self and take responsibility for our female health. This is not only a great gift to our self and the people around us, it will change the whole world. Even the working world benefits from it. In the weeks after the period women are three times more productive.

I was disconnected from my own female cycle since I was a teenager by the Birth Control Pill. I have always wondered–and could never really understand–if my friends or workmates felt not well with unpleasant complaints during their menstruation. My female body was numb by artificial hormones.

The pill has surely protected me from an unwanted pregnancy, but at the same time also cut me off from my femininity, my sexuality and my power. I even would say that the pill has significantly affected the phases and intensity of my Depression, which is confirmed by recent studies.

Starting with puberty estrogen make the greatest contribution to the physical and mental development of every woman. They influence body structure, skin and hair and the mental balance. The birth control pill contains, among others, synthetic estrogen replicas from the laboratory. They prevent ovulation, the climax in the female monthly cycle.

Artificial hormones prevent the natural function of our life source.

Just take a moment to feel into it!

The Yoni Egg

The Yoni egg is my favorite tool to bring more awareness and energy into the pelvis. The Yoni Egg is a smooth, oval, egg-shaped healing stone, ideally made of jade, which is inserted into the vagina. It´s an ancient practice from China which has been already rediscovered by a growing number of women. The Yoni Egg stimulates the blood circulation, releases energy blockages in the pelvis, stimulates the hormonal flow and balances PMS and menstrual problems.

Connect with your female rhythm and learn to respect and value it. There is no right or wrong. Become your own expert. Take responsibility for yourself and take care of yourself. Who could do this better than you?

Do you have questions, experiences or ideas that you would like to share with other women? I´m grateful for your comment.